Natural Stone and Tile, Inc. - Specializing in Granite, Tile and Stone
Natural Stone and Tile, Inc. is a full service fabrication, design, layout and installation firm. A third generation of a Family whom has been in the industry over 60 years! Granite, Slate, Marble, Tile, Tumble stone are just a few of the materials we touch with our extraordinary craftsmanship. Today, our Firm has evolved into a full scale manufacturing, fabrication and material distribution firm serving the needs of developers, homeowners, as well as commercial business owners and professionals. Our peers in the installation industry often call upon us to fabricate, source and supply them materials for their clients as well!
New construction, home renovation, restaurants, hotels, professional office buildings, retail store chains, churches and municipalities are amongst our client base. Whether your application is a 26,000 square foot personal residential estate, a cultured marble top in a bathroom, you desire to upgrade to tile or granite, or a custom designed kitchen Call Us Today! We have your cost effective solution to meet your highest standards per dollar invested! Our Quality and Pricing based upon Apple for Apples comparisons in the Marketplace stands apart as we stand alone in our unwavering commitment to serve and satisfy our customers expectations with Joy!
Further, we have all linoleums, laminates, genuine wood and other flooring products and quality, a Installer Network available to meet ALL you interior needs! Ask our Sales Representatives about the awesome tile products which look like Wood Flooring, or brick for that matter! Outdoor walkways, patios-we have Slate, Tile and Pavers to accentuate your landscaping look!
Carpet, Carpet and more Carpet! Yes we have it all available we are a one stop solution center for ALL Needs! Ask us about our tradesman referral network Top Quality Construction Folks we have at all phases! We love to serve and save your hard earned dollars while renovating your environment and leaving a smile on your face!
Commercial Division: Restaurants, Hotels, Stores, Office Buildings - Call Us Today to assist you in locating the highest perceived value materials in visual as well as quality for the best bang on each Benjamin released! Value, Quality, Craftsmanship, Honor, Integrity, Kindness and Service are words reflecting our Company Mission and heart towards our neighbors and friends in the Marketplace!
Ask us about our referral rewards program - Unbelievable - The gift which keeps on Giving!
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